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Matthew Mcneilly | 310-733-0828 | Beverly Hills, CA

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About the Sandler Training Beverly Hills team


Sandler Training Beverly Hills

Matt serves as managing Director and Chairman of McNeilly Business Consulting, Ltd, a premier management consulting firm and authorized Sandler Licensee. The firm is recognized for its leadership role in process development and reinforcement through training “executional” leadership, sales, sales management training and sales technology integration across a multitude of industries.

There is no "magic pill," your business success is built around the concept of implementing incremental growth and behavioral change over time.

Sandler Training pairs instructor-led training sessions with a complementary online program, so salespeople can access the content on their phone, making it easy to learn on the go -- and refresh their memory using lessons learned in ‘real time’.

Sandler Training uses a methodical approach designed to make concepts stick -- so you don’t invest in a costly sales training program only to have your sales team forget most of it 90 days later.

Your people’s ‘managed behaviors’ affect your company balance sheet, it should not be the other way around!

Sessions & Events

Learn the Sandler Selling System used in Management and Sales by household name companies worldwide.

The Sandler Sales Academy teaches firms and individuals the entire sales process through reinforced training, from building rapport and setting initial expectations to giving quality presentations and negotiating on concepts other than price. The sessions focus on leveraging technical excellence, identifying client needs, and articulating value to your prospect. 

Experience a complete overview of our selling system for improving productivity and outperforming sales goals. Join a Sandler Sales Boot Camp on May 8th & 9th for a 2 day crash course to the Sandler selling system.

After attending a session, your team will know how to run engaging, productive sales calls; link their prospects’ objectives and pain points to available solutions and resolve objections and roadblocks.