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Matthew Mcneilly | Beverly Hills, CA

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Sandler Training of Beverly Hills Event Calendar

Sandler Training Sessions

Sandler Foundation Session

The Foundation Sessions offer an Introduction to improving sales with the Sandler Training Method.

     8:15 am - 10 am every Monday.

Sandler Sales Mastery Session

Building on the Foundation, Sales Mastery teaches participants to take control of every situation.

     3:15 - 5 pm every Wednesday

Sandler Management Session

Learn Leadership & Management methods to Effectively Scale a Successful Business.

     8:30 am - 1 pm, first Wednesday each month.

Claire Denault

Sandler Training of Beverly Hills

Your team learn and implement  a methodical approach designed to make concepts stick -- so you don’t invest in a costly sales training program only to have your sales team forget most of it 90 days later.

Sandler Training Sessions

  • Learn Proven Sandler Sales Process used in Management and Sales by household name companies worldwide.
  • Sessions cover the entire sales process, from building rapport and setting initial expectations to giving quality presentations and negotiating on concepts other than price.
  • The Sandler Selling program focuses on leveraging technical excellence, identifying client needs, and articulating value to your prospect. Not value of ‘your product’ or ‘your service’, but value to the prospect and why they will buy – ‘PAIN’.
  • After attending the course, your team will know how to run engaging, productive sales calls; link their prospects’ objectives and pain points to available solutions and resolve objections and roadblocks.

Sandler Training Event Calendar

Proven Sales & Management Methods

Sales Training Sessions

Sandler Training sessions teach proven Sandler Training methods for increasing sales and growing a profitable business.

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