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Matthew Mcneilly | 310-733-0828 | Beverly Hills, CA

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Recruit Smart - “people will jump to the company that gives them opportunities to learn and use new skills and abilities’

Recruiting Assistance

McNeilly Business Consultants (MBC) ‘10 step Recruitment Process’

1). MBC meeting with the client. Job title and outline requirements agreed
2). MBC Complete job advert completed and agreed with the client
3). Client agree advertising budget and MBC publish job position as appropriate
4). Each resume applicant received is sent a Hiring assessment for the job position by MBC
5) MBC carry out background checks for applicants before MBC interview
6) MBC review resume and hiring job assessment score and background check. We invite meeting to best scores with suitable experience and background to fit with your profile.
7) MBC internally review - Resume + Hiring Job Assessment + Background check+ Interview performance
8). Next stage in the process is MBC select a small group for the second interview with client company - MBC provides to client company 1) Resume 2) Hiring Assessment report 3) Background report 4) MBC 1st Interview findings
9) MBC provides the successful candidate and employer with a Training assessment road map for the individual concerning the job role. This personal development assessment highlights where MBC will work with the successful candidate throughout training and development with the client company.
10) The successful candidate goes through “Sandler Team 18” training and development at one of our locations in the USA. A total of 60 hours of sales or leadership training for over 18 weeks.

With training and development and our recruitment services McNeilly Business Consulting (MBC) has totally changed the recruitment agency model. MBC gives your business a unique opportunity to recruit great people plus train and develop your team to unbelievable success.
We’re dedicated to providing your business with highly skilled professionals well-matched to your unique hiring requirements and workplace environment.
Whether you’re looking to staff in B2B sales, Sales Management, Leadership or creative and marketing jobs, we can help you find the right fit for your team.