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Matthew Mcneilly | 310-733-0828 | Beverly Hills, CA

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We are a premier management consulting firm and authorized Sandler Licensee. The firm is recognized for its leadership role in process development and reinforcement through training “executional” leadership, sales and sales management across a multitude of industries.


Hi, I am Lisa McNeilly, Director at Sandler Trainig

Here is what we can do for you!

Our clients are...
Sales Teams & Individual Salespeople
Sales Managers
Managers & Business Owners
Inside Sales & Customer Service
Professional Service Providers
Enterprise Organizations

We provide business solutions to problems with...
Sales Management
Customer Service
Leadership & Management
Practice Development

How we do it...
Assessments & Benchmarking
Facilitator-led classroom training
Individual & Group Coaching
Accountability & Measurement
Online 24/7 reinforcement training


See what people are saying about our sales classes!

Watch Bryan's reaction after completing our 2 day BootCamp on his Sandler Team 10 Journey. Click here to learn more and join us!

Our Goal.

To help you discover the keys to unlock your ultimate growth potential.

Why choose McNeilly Business Consulting & Sandler Training? Because the success of our training has been repeatedly proven through delivery to thousands of clients. Please review our client Personal results after completing ‘Sandler Team 18’ - detail’s in ‘Sales & Leadership section below. Click here to learn more!