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Matthew Mcneilly | 310-733-0828 | Beverly Hills, CA

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We are a premier management consulting firm and authorized Sandler Licensee. The firm is recognized for its leadership role in process development and reinforcement through training “executional” leadership, sales and sales management across a multitude of industries.


Here is what we can do for you!

Our clients are...
Sales Teams & Individual Salespeople
Sales Managers
Managers & Business Owners
Inside Sales & Customer Service
Professional Service Providers
Enterprise Organizations

We provide business solutions to problems with...
Sales Management
Customer Service
Leadership & Management
Practice Development

How we do it...
Assessments & Benchmarking
Facilitator-led classroom training
Individual & Group Coaching
Accountability & Measurement
Online 24/7 reinforcement training

We deliver a recruitment package together with onboarding Sales & Leadership training
Recruiting top sales management and salespeople for your team
We recruit and train candidates to use the Sandler Selling System to provide a 20% increase in income for your business.

Matt McNeilly - Managing Director

In working with sales leaders around the world, accountability isn’t easy because those leaders possess one of three self-limiting beliefs that cripple their accountability program.

First, and most common, is leaders often have a need for approval.
Second, is Leaders can also have fear of rejection.
Third, is Leaders can low self-worth.

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Identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales process & discuss your business objectives with a Sandler-certified sales consultant.


To help you discover the keys to unlock your ultimate growth potential.

Why choose McNeilly Business Consulting & Sandler Training? Because the success of our training has been repeatedly proven through delivery to thousands of clients. Please review our client Personal results after completing ‘Sandler Team 18’ - detail’s in ‘Sales & Leadership section below. Click here to learn more!